6 settings that are draining your iPhone battery

Being an iPhone owner you must have heard of the battery draining controversy that most of the old iPhones relate to. The controversy doesn’t only stick to the older phones, but even some of the new owners of iPhone claim about lower battery life.


If your phone is draining out of battery by lunchtime, you can get the battery replaced within $29. But, before you chose to take this major step, we would recommend checking the culprit behind this quick drainage and try these new tips:

Switch to low power mode

Automatic updates and syncing consume, most of your phones’ battery. So, when you doubt your battery’s life, just switch your phone to Low Power Mode and this will disable the updates and syncing, enhancing the battery life by at least 20%.

Turn off the Wi-Fi

Why to leave your WiFi on, when you are busy with house chores and office hours? Just turn off the WiFi and your phone can make it to the entire day.

Lower the screen brightness


When working in normal light, 50% of brightness works fine. However, we tend to keep it as high as 80% most of the time, which directly hurts the battery life of the phone. So, instead of keeping your screen brightness all high, keep it at 50%. As the brightness setting is easily accessible in iPhones, you can increase it instantly when in sun says the Apple iPhone 6s plus parts providers.


Turn off email fetching

Continuous data activity is the main reason behind battery drainage. So, instead of continuously receiving emails, you can set the par for every one hour or you can fetch it whenever needed.

Turn off the GPS or location services

Location services are being hardly used on our phone, still, we keep the location switch on for most of the time. Unless you are using the map, keep the location services off.

Maintain an optimal temperature for your phone

original-lcd-display-backlight-film-for-iphone-6s-plus-5-5-lcd-back-light-refurbishment-withNo matter which smartphone you are using, this goes for every phone. You must not expose your phone to extreme heat or cold as it inversely affects the batteries’ life.

Take a cue from here and perhaps you could save the hassle of getting a new battery says the iPhone 6s plus spare parts providers.




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