Tips to Free Up Your Smartphone Space


You come to know about the filling of Smartphone space when it stops receiving any file from another device or gets slow. Before that, you keep on installing unnecessary apps and keep extra data. In case, you want to receive an important file but didn’t have space, you try to delete the small files first, but that didn’t work all the time. Therefore, in order to get you more space in your Smartphone, follow these five tips-

  • Clean the Cache

While downloading files, extra files also get downloaded that are of no use. Thus, keep on clearing cache from time to time for saving more free space. This can be done easily through “application manager”. Moreover, why to keep the apps that are no longer in use for you. Keep on checking your phone by drilling down into apps says the HTC spare parts providers.

  • Gratuitous Downloads

If your friend has that particular app of calculation, which is quite interesting, but is not usable for you, you still download it. What is the need? Moreover, there are unnecessary downloads in your phone which you haven’t noticed since long. So, go to downloads and remove all those files that you don’t need any more recommends the HTC repair parts providers.

  • Remove Apps

If your busy is schedule and have no time to play those games installed in your phone, remove them. There are many applications, people download on the spot that are required for a shorter time, but don’t delete it. This consumes more space making your phone heavier in space. Thus, check all such apps and free the space in your Smartphone by removing unnecessary apps.

  • Use microSD for Apps

Don’t you ever receive notification of not enough memory space while downloading app from the Google Play Store? This seems to be the most annoying moment, but, you don’t have any other option. Yu have to remove the files to make space. But, not every file is deleted. Therefore, take help of the microSD card. Transfer those files that can be transfer to the memory card.

  • The Cloud

It provides OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Dropbox. In this, you can get 2GB to 15GB free space. Thus you can move downloads here, so that, your necessary apps are downloaded hassle-free. However, iCloud is for Apple’s iOS devices. The Cloud is helpful for storing all your data from personal to professional with safety.

Thus, make better use of your Smartphone by maintaining it from time to time.


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