6 Samsung phones that are far better than iPhone

Samsung and IPhone have been rivals in the Smartphone industry for quite a long time now. Both the companies have their set of followers, but if you want to go particularly for the Samsung Smartphone, then here is the list of the best deals.


Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is by far the best Android phone available in the market. Made of premium materials, this Smartphone features a Qualcomm’s speedy Snapdragon 835 Processor. As far as the hardware is concerned, it’s a 5.5-inch display with water resistant body. So, whether it’s the performance or the build, this Smartphone needs to be on your list.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is known for its camera and display.  You will also get an expandable memory and powerful chipset, tucked into the beautifully made water-resistant body. The phone supports Samsung Pay, making payments easier and we can’t even overlook the company’s virtual reality headset. So, it’s an easy buy for those who are looking for a compact phone in the budget.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Here you get a tougher variant of the tech giant. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is an excellent result of the Samsung’s flagship. The Smartphone comes with shatterproof display and a bunch of other excellent features. The battery of the phone however, is going to be a little larger than its siblings. However, it doesn’t bother people at all. This model is a good grab for those who stay outdoor most of the times.

Samsung Galaxy J3

For anyone who is looking for the basic features of Samsung, they just need to go for a Super Amoled Display.  With this purchase, you are going to get a Smartphone working on a quad-core processor with 4G LTE Connectivity. The Smartphone runs on the Android Marshmallow, and this certainly is the highlight of the Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

You get a gorgeous display with the Samsung Galaxy Note5. Plus, there will be an excellent camera, S Pen Stylus, built-in wireless charging, and support for contactless payments. For us, it is still one of the best large screen phones around.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is one of the most stylish and pocket-friendly phones from Samsung. The Samsung tablet spare parts providers swear by this product. Both from the performance and design, this one is a Samsung product that you can rely on.

Not just the Smartphones, even the Samsung tablets are a direct competition to the iPads. The Samsung tablet spare parts providers consider these purchases super awesome.


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