5 iPhone problems fixed by items around you

No wonder iPhone is one of the best gadgets you can have your hands on. Still, when they get you in trouble, you can expect a hole in your budget. However, all you need is some little tricks and tips to bring back your iPhone in good shape. Yes, some things can be fixed just using your household items.

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Here we are giving you an idea about it all:

Handling the SIM card slot

 Some people dread to change the SIM card of their iPhone, especially when they have lost the pin used to bring it out. What you need next is a specialized tool that can pull the SIM out of the closed shelves.  A paper clip is a perfect choice, push into the tiny mark, and your SIM will naturally come out.

Getting rid of the water inside

We hear a lot of people complaining about their cell phone getting wet. All you have to do is put you iPhone in a bin of rice. If not the bin of rice, you can use the bags of silica, which comes both with your shoes and bags. Dry your iPhone and then seal it in a plastic bag with silica gels in it.

Boosting the performance of charger

There are many time, when people complain about their iPhone not charging properly. One thing that might cause this would be the lint stuck in the corners and sides of the port. You can try removing the crud using a skinny tool like a toothpick.

Fixing the touch pad

Sometimes the touch screen feels sticky and then suddenly stops working. At times people find the spotless screen clean. Still, the touch keeps hanging and that is when you need a bit of more work. Usually, people will take their phone to the iPhone repair Toronto.  But, what you can do is first try cleaning it with cotton dipped in alcohol, this is going to remove all the mist, and you will be left with a properly working phone.

 Spring cable support

At times you need to secure the cable so that it doesn’t bend from the very end. Take out the spring from an old pen, and you can make the iPhone cord last long. Even if it has frayed a bit, the spring is going to mend things.

If nothing works, iPhone repair Mississauga providers will work the best.


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