Button less Fingerprint sensors: Everything you need to know

The same old models, the same features, the same home buttons, aren’t you bored of it? Many of the phone enthusiasts out there are surely bored. So, if you are one of those who want to see something and interesting in the upcoming models, then this write-up is exclusively for you.

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Just when Fingerprint Cards were making a buzz in the market, LG Innotek came with its own solution. It is a fingerprint module that can be integrated beneath the same glass cover. This will obviously bring an ease of designing for the phone maker and the audience will get to see and even use something unique and extraordinary. So, let’s see what it is and how it is going to affect the performance of upcoming phones.

How different is it?

Technically, the fingerprint reader needs a specific area of use. For an example, the home button sign on iPhone and Samsung models use a fingerprint reader. Whereas in the Sony experts and Google’s Nexus, it is available in the form of the power button. However, the new sensor can be integrated into the class, hence; there won’t be the need for an exterior sign at all.

Benefits of this new feature

According to the apple repair parts and apple accessories providers, they are looking forward to this innovation as it is surely going to make the functioning smooth. Even the benefits are high-end and if you are wondering that it holds just the aesthetic good, then you are wrong as this new version is surely going to hold other benefits. Technically, when the sensor is placed on the exterior, the display has to be robust. But, when it will be placed inside the glass wall, there won’t be anything like breakage or scratch issue.

On a lower side, of this fingerprint module will be under the glass display, it is surely going to be a bit lighter. The LG parts Canada providers agree with it and hope that something good comes out to end this problem. Right now its common users will be Huawei and Nexus, but there is no such announcement yet. As for the iPhone and Samsung, till now, there is no sign of them taking a move towards this new innovation.

In the coming times, one can witness its users for sure.

How to conserve your cell phone’s battery?

Cell phones have become an integral part of today’s life and we can’t imagine living without it for longer terms. In fact, most of the day work depends on the cell phone only. Starting from the morning-selfie to the whole day schedule, everything is there in the phone only. However, one thing that always hinders the functionality of this luxurious purchase is the battery. However, there are ways by which you can save the battery drainage for sure. The Samsung repair Toronto services says that no matter which phone you have, after one or two years of usage some or other battery troubles starts rising and to escape this problem here are some effective tips:


Dim it now

Your cell phone screen is lightened with several image pixels and the efficiency of these pixels defines the image and texts of the phone screen. These pixels are also responsible for the battery drainage. All the time when you have higher screen brightness or wallpaper with bright images, your battery will be highly drained. To fix this problem, lower your screen brightness and selectwallpaper with darker shades says the genuine Samsung Phone parts


Close those unwanted apps

Agree or not, it is a fact that an average cell phone has more than 5 open apps that have not been used for the last few hours. So, it is using your cell phone’s battery without being in real use. As a wise smartphone user, you should close the apps when they are not used. Else, it will keep using your cell phone battery without any hindrance.

Close the Bluetooth

Technically, Bluetooth is one such device that uses the least in comparison to other cell phone application, yet it is the main cause of battery drainage. It takes hardly one click to turn off the Bluetooth, we still dread doing it. Even from the point of security, it breaches the normal security norms. The same goes with the Wi-Fi usage, shut it down the moment you stop using the network. This will save the battery drainage along with maintaining the security.

Track that one app

There can be one app that can degrade the performance of the entire phone and if you track it down, things are going to be a lot simpler. Once you get that app, better uninstall it.

If nothing works, Samsung phone repair Toronto is always available for your rescue.

A Waterproof Cell Phone – Everything you need to Know

Smartphones are perhaps the most important part of everyone’s life. One of the most horrible events of life is losing them at some point of life or damaging them with an unwanted element something like water. We try our best to protect this precious possession from any sort of damage, yet it is hard to always keep them safe. Thanks to the advancement of the technology that has led us to some better gadgets and one of those appreciable features we are going to talk over here are Water Resistance Features.

In recent years, cell phone companies have taken a huge leap towards better Smartphone and better functioning. Stronger glasses, tougher material, and waterproof phones, our Smartphone is getting better day by day. In the race of coming forward in the waterproofing technologies, some of the big brands like Sony and Samsung have made statement moves. Even Apple is hoping to enter this race soon.

How is Water Resistance Measured?

Most of the cell phones out there are claiming to be water resistant. But water resistance is different than you think of as the efficiency of the phone depends on what sort of shield your cell phone is getting. It is important to know how manufacturers measure the level of water protection.

Technically the water repellent property of a phone is determined by the cell phone’s ability to repel dust and water. The rating is followed by the numbers that are assigned according to the phone’s ability to repel water and dust. The actual term used for this rating is Ingress Protection. If a phone has IP rating 6 you can be sure that none of the solid particles will be able to invade the internal area of the phone. For IP rating of 5, the Samsung phone repairs, Mississauga say that here some of the dust particles may enter the phone, but it is not always responsible for hindering your phone’s functionality.

If the phone can tolerate normal water splashes and rain drops, then it has the water resistant capacity of 7. According to the Samsung repair Toronto for cell phones that can survive all types of water issues for a long time, the IP rating should be above 7 that is either 8 or 9.

The next time you buy a phone, make sure you know the IP ratings properly and make sure you have the right phone for the right purpose.

Android Pay is coming to the web via Chrome soon

Android pay has been sweeping the market since its launch, thanks to the wide diversification of android user’s. The easiness to just tap your phone to make a payment has really got the users and Google are looking to make the game even bigger. Here are the recent announcements regarding the android pay.

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Android Pay comes to the web

Google has the habit taking things to the next level and as the Android pay adoption continues to grow with haste, it is looking to make the horizon even bigger with bringing the pay to the web. If the latest announcements are taken into consideration, the latest version of the company’s Chrome web browser will have the new API of Android Pay.

Android Pay for selected partners

Although Google hasn’t clearly stated exactly when the pay will go live and has not commented out too many details and how it will work through a browser. It is expected that the Pay will be initiated with limited and selected retail partners says the asus tablet parts Canada and tablet screen repair providers.

Not everything can be bought using Android Pay

Google has made its intentions clear about not using the Pay for online payments used for the purchase of goods and is intent more on offline transactions that are taking place for the day to day consumers.

Finger print verification

Another interesting, yet related development is that the fingerprint support can be incorporated into Google’s Chrome and web payment system in the future giving the users to make the payment across all media and portable devices through the payment platform. The deployment of finger verification will also enable a safer cross-channel for payments as well enable the users to make the use of varied platforms.

Android Pay for more banks

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the support for Android Pay has been growing quickly lately among the users. The facts are only made strong with the recent announcements made by Google quoting that the support for more banks in UK and USA are arriving and being tested out by its experts. Google is also punching its marketing strategies to make its payment platform a household name among the users; with the latest coming as its collaboration with Uber to make discounted payments says the Asus tablet parts providers.

The effectiveness and ease of Android Pay haven’t gone unnoticed and soon we can see the Pay for its cross mobile web platforms.

Why you should buy Apple’s latest smartphone-IPhone 7

So the much-hyped date and has come and gone, but it left us with enough to think over in the smartphone industry. Yes, the IPhone 7 has been launched and like its predecessor it has left no stone unturned to catch the dreamy eyes of smartphone users. So ipod parts experts bring to you the top few reasons that will assure you to jump to an iPhone Canada store.

Completely re-designed cameras

There is no denying the fact that Apple is known for its quality cameras, and this time, Apple has left no stone unturned, it has put in place an entirely new dual camera system for the phone. The IPhone 7 boasts of a 12MP camera, with optical image stabilization and 6 elements lens for brighter and better detailed static photos as well as videos. The camera also comprises of a Quad LED, which enables a 50 percent brighter resolution than iPhone 6s.


While Apple has stuck to its original design, it has brought it some significant changes in the designs. The iPhone 7 boasts of a new glossy, mirror design. It has also added a new Jet Black colour which seems richer and elegant. The home button has been redesigned with additional features like force sensitive functions. Apple has also added the Tactic Engine haptic feedback system as in the Apple watch. However of all the big change is the removal of 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Apple has also unveiled its new Airpod wireless earphones which comes with its come storage and charging case and can be connected to apple devices over Bluetooth. The airpods are considered to be one of the bold moves made by Apple in an attempt to do away with the wired headphones say the ipad parts Canada providers.


The iPhone 7 and 7 plus also boasts of an all new stereo speaker system enabling twice the sound and range than its predecessors. With, the new stereo speaker system one can expect an increased dynamic range of sound and higher quality speaker phone. The new iPhone comes with lightning connector EarPods along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack connector so that your old headphones are not a total waste.

Apple has time and again shown it is one of those companies that are capable of creating market disruptor products and iPhone 7 is yet another flagship of it. So it won’t be a bad idea to see yourself in those long queues to get your hands on the latest iPhone 7.

How to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen in 10 minutes

There is no hidden fact that Apple iPhones are one of the most valued smartphones and they come at a price. It is also no hidden fact that it really hurts when you accidentally break/crash your iPhone screen. In short, there are no affordable iPhone 6 screen repair options available in the market.

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An affordable iPhone 6 screen repair

iPhone just like any other phone is no exception when it comes to cracking and shattering. If you have broken your iPhone screen, and you are no longer covered under warranty, you may want to consider a do-it-yourself replacement.  If you have the right tools, knowledge, and patience the affordable iPhone 6 screenrepair will take less than ten minutes.


AppleCare +

Before performing a do-it-yourself repair, you should evaluate all available options that can help you fix the screen. In case you have purchased the AppleCare+ for your iPhone 6 with the purchase of the phone, you should go straight to the Apple store. In case you don’t know your purchased warranty covers all kinds of damage and it will cost you much less. This is perhaps the best affordable iPhone 6 screen repair option available to the intelligent you and you should use to the much bit.

DIY repair

In the end, when you can’t see an alternative nor you live near an Apple store, DIY may be the best option for you. There are specifically many reasons why people choose DIY repair, including total cost. While there are no shortcuts the do-it-yourself repair not only is a valid affordableiPhone 6 screen repair option, but it also provides the validity of the repair. It should be also noted that you have to thoroughly think about the process and take measures while handling the slightest components. Even a bit of lack of the right tools or instruments, as well as lack of knowledge, can really turn it into a messy affair. However, you can sufficient tutorials on viral channels can provide you some get tricks to fix your screen with the do-it-yourself method.


So the next time when you lose your iPhone 6 screen to an accident and really want to try the best affordable iPhone 6 screenrepair try the DIY method. Although, you have been warned you need to have the proper knowledge, right tools to continue with the method.

Cell Phones a Major Reason of Road Accidents

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iphone parts | iphone parts Canada | iphone parts Toronto | apple iphone parts

You must have heard of the drunken driving cases that cause loss of several lives every day. But, let us tell you that the only reason behind the increasing road accidents is not just drunk and drive, but also cell phones. Shocked? No need to be as cell phones claims a number of lives every year. Be it calling or texting, those who are indulged in phones while driving encounter fatal road accidents than the normal ones.

You might not consider yourself as a bad driver or the person who is drinking and driving, endangering several lives on the road, including himself. The fact is a good driver never lets anything distract him. So, in those few seconds of texting and calling, you fall into the counting of the worst drivers.

Researchers quantified these driving risks and came out with the conclusion that states how much time it takes to come back to driving senses after certain distraction.

  • Legally Intoxicated – Additional $ feet To stop
  • Reading an Email Or Text – Additional 36 feet to stop
  • Writing and sending a Text  – Additional 70 feet to stop

The study shows that you are really going to put yourself in danger by getting involved in any distracting activities. Suppose someone walk out in front of the car, if the driver is texting, it will take 12 to 18 times more to stop the car in time. There is no denying that urgent calls can come while driving, but receiving it while driving is not the right choice, instead you should pull over to respond.

No matter how advanced the technology is you are still messing up with the driving. There are voice recognition features, Voice-to-text feature available in AppleiPhone parts, but this doesn’t save you from distraction. The distraction might be lesser, yet there are chances that you get unfortunate in that small time.

If you a really think that issues can’t wait till you reach the destination, then let us tell you that nothing is important than a life. 15 minutes of delay can work, but taking calls in between the drive in really fatal. For this reason only taking calls while driving is considered illegal. For those who can’t ignore their phone while driving, iPhone parts Toronto providers suggest to put the phone on the do-not-disturb mode. This ends all the hassle and you can drive with concentration.

The cell phone repair shops are always ready to hear and respond to your problems. So, whenever you encounter one such issue, get in contact with iPhone parts Canada providers.