5 Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

MacBook has always been a true bliss for the tech lovers. Functionality, efficiency, or fantastic apps, MacBook is just an awesome pick, no matter what you are looking forward to.  Here we are going to talk about the Mac apps you can put your hands for free on a rather lower price. The myth still prevails that for a better functioning you require spending a lot.  According to the Apple accessories providers, there are apps that are available at a very low price and some are even for free. So, let’s see what these apps are:


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Want to make a quick note, opt for Evernote says the Apple accessoriesCanada providers. You can create a to-do list, jot down the reminder, as well as snap some pictures.  The search process is so simple that it makes Evernote the most popular choice of note-taking app.   Whatever you note down on this app, the information is then synced to the cloud. So, in one go you have all your important data at the right place that too for free.


Out of so many management apps, Clear is undoubtedly one of the best one.  With this app, you can arrange the work in the easiest manner. The features are simply arranged to save you from any confusion. The app lets you arrange the work according to the priority. Arrange and highlight the work with a red-yellow gradient. For crucial tasks, there is a provision for setting the due dates. Just $9.99 and you can get all your schedules arranged properly.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 even known as the calendar app is just a great option for MAC owners. For giving the instruction you don’t have to fill in specific dates and times. Just write in the instruction in simple language and the app will figure out what you want to do. The interface here is efficient enough to let you arrange the tasks separately.


If the Energy Saver section of MAC, then Amphetamine is the right choice. Being available in the menu bar, this app will keep the display turned on. With this one app, you can keep your Mac awake for hours. Being absolutely free, this app also enables global keys for activation and deactivation.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is the coolest tool for accessing the computer remotely. You don’t need the computer’s IP for doing so as the interface enables simple PIN authentication. So, no matter where you are, you can always access the data remotely.

4 Best Apps to Enjoy Rio 2016 Olympics

All the eyes are set on the Olympics and people are going gaga about it.  The key to enjoyment here is, keeping you updated with the latest happening. It is high time to gear up for Rio 2016 and receive all the latest news and schedules, download the following apps on your phone now. Meant to deliver real-time news, these apps are just fantastic to have on phone. You don’t even need to be at the place to obtain the live views as these apps have everything in store claims the Samsung screen repair Mississauga.


Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Seldom do we come across apps that are meant to suffice our needs in one go. Archery, skeet, table tennis, basketball or tennis, you can get updated with information related to all these fields. The best thing about this app is you can play the game, complete against players from all over the world and be a part of the world Olympics. This is going to be just fantastic with a quick and efficient control. Things are rather simpler with this app than you would have imagined.

The Olympics

If there is a particular athlete you want to track in the entire Olympics, this is the right way to do it. Showing all the latest results and records from the Olympics, this app lets you track the news, results, as well as schedules. Look for the Olympic Games that you missed due to your busy schedule.  If you want to stay connected to the games throughout the day, make sure you have this app downloaded to your device.

Rio 2016: Quiz

Beinga fun game of question answer, this help you sharpen your memory and know about the games properly. There are different levels of the game and you can challenge your friends with it on different levels. There can’t be a better way to spend your time than this.  With unbelievably easy features, this game can be played online as well as offline. If you are someone who relates to the Olympic fever, then this app is going to work the best for you.

Rio 2016

Stay connected to the world of RIO without having to follow any misleading information. There are real time medal tables, detailed result, and everything that you can miss being away from RIO. Samsung phone repair Toronto, claim it as the best app for the RIO celebration.

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3rd Generation LCD Screen Separator for Cell Phone Repair

iPad Screen Repair Toronto,iPhone screen repair in Mississauga
iPad Screen Repair Toronto,iPhone screen repair in Mississauga

Most of the customers visit a cell phone technician inquiring about the prices of cell phones or iPad Screen Repair Toronto. Well, let’s be frank that most of the broken screen complaintsare about tablet repairs and technicians spend hours in fixing it to perfectness. The work would have been easier for them if they had the right equipment. Perhaps this was the simple thought behind the birth of this 3rd Generation LCD Screen Separator for cell phone repair.

With this new tool in possession, screen repair job will be easier than ever and you will be also able to offer the best repair of phone as well as ipad parts. The great part about this separating tool is, it is very easy to use and accomplishes the whole repair steps on the count of your fingers.

 Have a look at the features:

This 3rd Generation LCD Separator works on the voltage of 110v-220v. The core functionality of the system is operating the LCD front glass screen and this is the most viable option in the market because of its practical and economic values. Fast and efficient, this LCD separator is a perfect choice for the Samsung, iPhone, HTC, lg phone repair Canada.

Its functionality depends on the Vacuum system inside it. The whole process includes the sucking the LCD down to the hot plate, hence saving a lot of time. Created with perfection this is good for all the Samsung S series, iPhone series, and Nokia, LG, and HTC phone. All you have to do is just put the LCD on heat panel and switch on the Vacuum Pump. From here you separate the glass and the LCD is firmly fixed to the panel. The Vacuum LCD separator is equipped with four bearings and that is what makes it more efficient and smooth to handle.

One great part is you can avail it at a very cheap price of 149.99. Usually, this is the repair price of a damaged phone and you can buy it at this rate only. Altogether, along with the great functional value, it does offer a remarkable economic value. So, get this one now and make your iPhone screen repair in Mississauga easier as well as efficient.

You can look for other cell phone repair tools that can dramatically improve your work efficiency.

How to Protect the Data on Your Smartphone

Almost everyone has their important data stored on their Smartphone. Sometimes it becomes the reason of your security breach and brings your data in the hand of intruders. Suddenly you are damaged so much that it can’t be undone. As it is your personal property, you have to take care of it. Until it is too late, be aware of the identity thefts happening around and start keeping your data secure. Here we have some great tricks exclusively for you:

Password protection

This might sound something easy and well-known step for you, but even if it is the oldest technique of maintaining privacy, there remains a way out of it.  If someone gets their hand on your phone, the best way to control it is by opting for a password. When you utilize a password for protecting your data, it minimizes the chances of data theft. According to the iPhone 6 screen repair technicians, the latest phones even provide fingerprint scanner and the best option you can use for security.


 Install a tracker

In case the phone is in the wrong hands, it becomes easier to track the phone via installing a tracking app on the phone. If you have an iPhone app, you can use the app called Find My iPhone to determine where your phone is and then you can track down the thieves. This is just the best app to have claims iPhone 6 screen repair service providers.

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 Turn off the Bluetooth

Most of the users have the tendency of keeping their Bluetooth on even when they don’t need it. By keeping the Bluetooth on, you make your phones vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you turned off the Bluetooth network after you have used it.

Avoid Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi has become an ultimate source of promotion and some of the bad boys of the cyber world are taking advantage of it. The Wi-Fi setting can be tricked in a way that once you enter the link, you reveal all your secret data stored on the phone. Better stay away from such free networks if you want to control the security of your phone data.

Unknown texts

Everyone receives unknown text on the phone now and then and some of you might even follow the link to see what it is. If you receive a message of this kind make sure you know the person, else avoid following the link.

Take advantage of these tips and you can move ahead with a secure browsing.

How to Promote Your Mobile Repair Business


Are you running a cell phone repair business without a website? Well, that’s really not happening. Perhaps you are working on the most advanced technology in the lamest way. It is difficult to make a position in the world that completely runs on devices like laptops and cellphones. The growing competition is so tough that your first step should be making your business compatible to the online world. So, this will be your beginning and in your way, you have to take care of various other things too and these are:

A responsive Web Site

Get a responsive website to suit the various kinds of devices available. Cellphones, tablets, and iPads, there are several kinds of devices in the market. According to a survey, more than 70% of the browsing are done via cell phones only and in order to rank higher in Google, you have to make sure that your website reacts well to the cell phones. No matter you are dealing with Asus tablet parts, Asus replacement parts, and any other phone repair business.

Social Media

You must be having your Facebook account, then why not your business? Utilize the social media platforms and you can take your business to new heights. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, there are several social media sites that can help you promote your business.It is a way to create trust among the visitors. Link your website to the existing websites giving an ultimate start to your business.


Email settlers might be an old trick in the online marketing, but it holds equal importance till date. Never ever miss the contact database of your customers; instead, you should concentrate on leveraging it to a great extent. Create some of the interesting mail broadcast and stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis.


No matter what kind of business you have, blogging always work as the best means of promotion. Consider generating blogs that are informative and provide information that the customers are looking forward to. Even if the reader is not a regular customer, your regular posts will encourage them to be one.


Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank higher in the search engine. Working according to SEO guidelines will simply guide you according to the Google Algorithms. Some of those tricks will be following responsive web design techniques and other promotion tricks.

Take advantage of these tricks and from here you can see your business flourish.

Release date, rumors, and specification of the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is soon going to be in the market and the tech lovers are going crazy about it. This next generation iPhone can be called as the most awaited phone of the year. Everyone wants to know what is going to be like, plus there are some amazing developments going on and a few expectations of the iPhone fans and iPhone replacement parts providers. Here, we have everything that has been revealed about the latest release.


Starting with the good news, Apple has already announced the release date and the lucky day is September 16. Not even two months are left when the two iPhone of the 7 series will be released – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus.

A sharper screen with OLED technology is going to be the main feature of the iPhone 7. The QHD and 4K display have marked a huge resolution jump. The screen will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches with 1080p. Rumors even claim that it is going to be a big 5.8 inches AMOLED display. Some of the images leaked also show the absence of antennas, though; it is going to remain on the top and bottom.

As for the front of the phone, it is going to see a longer earpiece cutout, relocated ambient light sensor, and a flush touch home button. The phone is expected to get slimmer with the headphone jack removed. Instead of the normal headphone jack, there will be a wired headphone connected via the lightning port. As the jack of the phone has been removed, we can expect an improved water resistance.


A hexacore processor, with 3GB Ram and a well groomed Siri, will be there in the new iPhone. The home button is pressure sensitive and charging is wireless for this new phone. The RAM camera will vary in both the phones and is expected to come in 2GB and 3 GB. Sources even claim that there is going to two cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Hopes are high but look like the battery problem will exist just like its previous release. Blame it on the slimmer phone; we can’t be sure how much improvement will be seen in the battery life. Whatever be the rumors, tech enthusiasts and iPhone repair Mississauga are expecting a lot out of this phone. After all, this is going to be the biggest release of 2016.



Cell Phone Repair Hygiene Habits That You Must Follow

Think of the most unhygienic job in a day to the day life and you will think about the household chores and hospital jobs. But, let us tell you that even the cell phone repair jobs are full of unwanted germs that you have to go through all the day. No matter what kind of repair work whether it is a Samsung phones part repair or LG repair, they all are full of unwanted germs. No need to get surprised as this kind of germs easily reach your phone when you touch them after opening the washroom door or dump them in a bag full of dirty stuff. That clearly means that all those coughs and colds hurting your immune system might have been caused by nothing other than germs that you are getting in touch with every day.


So, without waiting much, let’s see how we can escape this issue:

Clean the Device

Before you start repairing a device, make sure you have disinfected it properly. The cellphones that you receive every day come from various places and with them come the dirt. Disinfecting it before the repair ensures that it does not infect the toolkit and you. For the disinfecting purpose, you can opt for UV light Sanitizing wand. It worked well for all sorts of cleaning purpose. Whether you are going for Samsung phones parts or any other repair, this will be sufficient to fulfill the purpose. Moreover, you should avoid using any sort of harsh chemical for the disinfecting process as it might damage the touch responsive screen of the cell phone.


While cleaning the cell phone, do not just concentrate on the outer part as even the inner portion of the cell phone is full of pathogens that can cause some serious health issues.

Clean Your Hands

When you perform the repair work, it is necessary that you wear gloves to protect yourself from the harmful germs. And, when the task is done, it is important for you to sanitize your hands nicely else, the germs will pass from you to other clients. For your employees, guide them with this information and if possible turn it into a rule for your business.

As genuine Samsung Phone parts technician and responsible citizen, it is your responsibility to make your client aware of these necessary issues. It’s even a great way to build trust among the customers.