How to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen in 10 minutes

There is no hidden fact that Apple iPhones are one of the most valued smartphones and they come at a price. It is also no hidden fact that it really hurts when you accidentally break/crash your iPhone screen. In short, there are no affordable iPhone 6 screen repair options available in the market.

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An affordable iPhone 6 screen repair

iPhone just like any other phone is no exception when it comes to cracking and shattering. If you have broken your iPhone screen, and you are no longer covered under warranty, you may want to consider a do-it-yourself replacement.  If you have the right tools, knowledge, and patience the affordable iPhone 6 screenrepair will take less than ten minutes.


AppleCare +

Before performing a do-it-yourself repair, you should evaluate all available options that can help you fix the screen. In case you have purchased the AppleCare+ for your iPhone 6 with the purchase of the phone, you should go straight to the Apple store. In case you don’t know your purchased warranty covers all kinds of damage and it will cost you much less. This is perhaps the best affordable iPhone 6 screen repair option available to the intelligent you and you should use to the much bit.

DIY repair

In the end, when you can’t see an alternative nor you live near an Apple store, DIY may be the best option for you. There are specifically many reasons why people choose DIY repair, including total cost. While there are no shortcuts the do-it-yourself repair not only is a valid affordableiPhone 6 screen repair option, but it also provides the validity of the repair. It should be also noted that you have to thoroughly think about the process and take measures while handling the slightest components. Even a bit of lack of the right tools or instruments, as well as lack of knowledge, can really turn it into a messy affair. However, you can sufficient tutorials on viral channels can provide you some get tricks to fix your screen with the do-it-yourself method.


So the next time when you lose your iPhone 6 screen to an accident and really want to try the best affordable iPhone 6 screenrepair try the DIY method. Although, you have been warned you need to have the proper knowledge, right tools to continue with the method.

Cell Phones a Major Reason of Road Accidents

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iphone parts | iphone parts Canada | iphone parts Toronto | apple iphone parts

You must have heard of the drunken driving cases that cause loss of several lives every day. But, let us tell you that the only reason behind the increasing road accidents is not just drunk and drive, but also cell phones. Shocked? No need to be as cell phones claims a number of lives every year. Be it calling or texting, those who are indulged in phones while driving encounter fatal road accidents than the normal ones.

You might not consider yourself as a bad driver or the person who is drinking and driving, endangering several lives on the road, including himself. The fact is a good driver never lets anything distract him. So, in those few seconds of texting and calling, you fall into the counting of the worst drivers.

Researchers quantified these driving risks and came out with the conclusion that states how much time it takes to come back to driving senses after certain distraction.

  • Legally Intoxicated – Additional $ feet To stop
  • Reading an Email Or Text – Additional 36 feet to stop
  • Writing and sending a Text  – Additional 70 feet to stop

The study shows that you are really going to put yourself in danger by getting involved in any distracting activities. Suppose someone walk out in front of the car, if the driver is texting, it will take 12 to 18 times more to stop the car in time. There is no denying that urgent calls can come while driving, but receiving it while driving is not the right choice, instead you should pull over to respond.

No matter how advanced the technology is you are still messing up with the driving. There are voice recognition features, Voice-to-text feature available in AppleiPhone parts, but this doesn’t save you from distraction. The distraction might be lesser, yet there are chances that you get unfortunate in that small time.

If you a really think that issues can’t wait till you reach the destination, then let us tell you that nothing is important than a life. 15 minutes of delay can work, but taking calls in between the drive in really fatal. For this reason only taking calls while driving is considered illegal. For those who can’t ignore their phone while driving, iPhone parts Toronto providers suggest to put the phone on the do-not-disturb mode. This ends all the hassle and you can drive with concentration.

The cell phone repair shops are always ready to hear and respond to your problems. So, whenever you encounter one such issue, get in contact with iPhone parts Canada providers. 

Know Your Latest LG Phone: LG G7 Detailed Reviews

LG G5 is one of the biggest makings of LG till now. This is nothing like LG G4; rather it comes with loads of appreciable specification and is somewhat like Samsung Galaxy but in a completely different manner. So, let’s see to it from the point of view of LG phone repair Canada technicians:

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lg parts Canada | lg phone repair Canada | lg canada parts | lg service Canada


LG G5 Display is of 5.3 with Quad HD Resolution that is what people were looking forward to. Adding to this you will not have to unlock it again and again just to see the date and time as it really never goes to sleep. You heard right, even if it is locked, you will get to see the time, date, and notification item. However, the notification doesn’t only show the calls and messages; it comes with everything that pops out on the phone. Also, there is no choice of font and style to beautify your home screen.

Processor and performance

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, LG G5 offers a slick performance. The 4GB of RAM makes the browsing quicker and smoother. Talking about the storage, it has the capacity of 32GB and offers expandable memory with Micro-SD card slot that supports up to 200GB storage. Connectivity is a strong point here with 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of 4.2 with aptX, and LG. The two noticeable additions in it are Type-C USB port9 and a fingerprint scanner. According to the LG parts Canada providers, even when you touch it from awkward angles, it is going to work for sure.

Battery Life

GS offers Quick Charge 3.0 so that you can fill it in less time. If we go by calculation, 80% of it will be done in just 30 minutes which is quite good for it. With a modest cell of a 2800mAh, it is not that bad. For light users, it will surely last for at least 2 days. As an added benefit, the battery here is removable and can be availed from LG Canada parts providers.


Launched with a dual-camera setup, this one gives a different taste with varying capabilities. One is 8Mp with a wide angle of 135 degrees and the other is 16Mp with regular field view. On the front, you can shoot a 1080p video with 8MP camera. Adding to it, you will get a nice camera app filled with the awesomeness of thrilling features and plenty of modes.

Bottom Line is – The launch has been great for LG as it has taken a step forward to the real Smartphone world. However, when compared to Samsung S7 and iPhone 6s, it stays a little behind.

Common iPhone 6 camera problems and how to fix them?

The iPhone’s camera may be the most popular and perfect smartphone camera to exist, but it cannot be said perfectly. Although the camera has a got a lot of upgrades over the years, it can be subjected to hardware issues and bugs. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common problems of the camera and also come up with significant iPhone camera repair methods.

Black screen from the Camera app

It is often found as a common problem among iPhone 6 users that sometimes the users see a black screen in the camera app instead of the image they are planning to take. This problem results a big confusion for users. It may be that the problem exists due to the software glitches or bugs in the iOS

Fix for the black screen

The easiest and best iPhone 6 camera repair method for this case is to switch between the front and rear camera, which will automatically fix the issue. The problem generally occurs due to a bug in the iPhone iOS. If the trick doesn’t work exiting the camera and switching it again from the home screen will definitely do the trick. Although the best iPhone 6 camera repair trick is to restart the phone and all will be good

Blurry or out of focus photos

The iOS software offers a lot in terms of advanced algorithms to help you focus on your photograph’s subject automatically. However, users sometimes complain at a certain stage the photos are out of focus or real blur even in best lights. This kind of problem may be occurring due to the smudged lens, which can occur due to contact with greasy fingers. Luckily, there are numerous iPhone 6 camera repair solutions that can solve the issue.


Fix for the blur photos

If your photos are still coming blurry or aren’t focusing, please ensure that your focus settings are put up correctly. Make sure that you are taking the right time to snap the photos. If the problem still exists, they you should get it checked for a problem hardware issue. You can clean the smudge with wet cotton or camera replants.

There are significantly many common problems related to camera malfunctions with iPhone 6 camera and luckily there are an equal number of iPhone 6 camera repair solutions that are very intact and easy to carry out.

4 cell phone rules you need to set for your kids

Kids usually have cell phones at a very small age these days and it is even needed due to security concerns. To be true, there is nothing wrong in giving them a cell phone, it’s just that you need to be a little careful with what you do. Rules have always proved to be good when it comes to kids, the same goes with this condition. No matter what your kid is up to, there has to be some rule to guide him.  When you give your kids a cell phone, don’t forget to apply these rules, as just these rules will ensure, you are on a better path.

According to the Samsung galaxy s5 repair Mississauga providers here are the five main ways to set guidelines for the kids:



 Respect the School’s rules

Some of the schools let the students use the cell phone on the school grounds while others don’t. The parents need to keep a check on what the kids are doing and must respect the school rules. Make sure you give proper instructions over the usage of the cell phone to the kids as it is sometimes difficult to instruct small kids.

Urgent Calls

Calls are a thing of past as kids now are more comfortable with texting. You might not have given it a though, but messaging for longer hours is associated with posture and eye troubles. Moreover, during an emergency people prefer to make a call rather than messaging. So, you have to encourage your kids about taking phone calls that are important instead of avoiding because of their preference of messaging.

Track the apps

There are thousands of apps available on the Play Store and Google Play and not all of them are meant for kids. So, it comes as the parent’s duty to make their kids aware of what is good and what is bad. Start with the parental control and make sure they download the apps only with your permission.

Track the browsing

Some websites are absolutely not meant for your kid and you need to keep them away from such websites says the Samsung phone parts Mississauga providers. You have to make sure that they are using the cell phones for the right purpose else, once addicted it gets difficult to keep them away from it.

In the end, you have to ensure that they don’t flaunt their phone as a cell phone is always a privilege that not all can access. Showing off is morally incorrect and that every kid should understand says the Samsung phone parts providers.


5 iPhone Tricks everyoneshould know about

iPhone owners have the habit of keeping their precious purchase with them every moment. To be true, there is hardly any moment when you stay away from your phone whether it is the gym or washrooms. In the modern day, you need to be around your cell phone for the whole day and that is why you need to know the right tricks to handle the phone efficiently. iphonerepair Mississauga To help you out, here we have some of the great tricks and tips:

iphone repair Mississauga, iPhone parts Canada, iPhone parts
iphone repair Mississauga, iPhone parts Canada, iPhone parts

Disable Message Preview

The message keeps coming on the phone with a notification causing a hindrance in the privacy. Fortunately, iPhone brings a way out of this trouble. Go to the Setting buttons; from there click on the Notification, Message, and then click Show Preview. Tap on it to turn it off and you can prevent the message preview. This makes the work a lot easier states the iPhone parts Canada provider.

Stop the music on a timer

Some of us have the habit to hear lullaby for a healthy night’s sleep and this lullaby comes in the form of your favorite music.  However, this can be annoying when you have to stop the music in the middle night. iPhone eliminates this trouble by allowing you to set the music on a timer. Go to the clock, select the timer and select when you want the timer to end. Let the music start, it will end automatically when the timer goes off.

View the sent and received photos

Searching for a specific photo your friend has sent is troublesome as you have to look through a bulk of the photo. Just open the message thread and from the top right corner, select the Details button. By clicking here you can directly reach the images.

Multitask in the email

Writing an email on the phone can be a real hassle as you have to go back and forth. With iPhone, this rather gets simpler as you can just drag the message you want to write down.  Whenever you want to re-open the email, tap at the bottom and it will open up for you. This one trick makes the work a lot easier says the iPhone parts provider.

Share your location with

There are times when you instantly want to share your location with your friends. By getting an iPhone, you can do it in simple ways. Share your location by selecting the “Details” in the top right corner of the message thread. From here you can select “Send My Location” option.

5 Best Smartphone to Consider In 2016

Discuss the current year’s legendary smart phones and Samsung and Apple has been on the top, offering probably the most astonishing handsets of the time. Not to overlook the latest creations of LG, Google Nexus, Sony, and HTC as even they slammed the business sector with some ravishing releases this year.

To make a better purchase, here we have top 5 cell phones of the year:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7

Known as the most able cell phone available, it came back with some celebrated features of Samsung. The presentation Samsung S7 are the same with the 5.1ins offers totally staggering picture show. What are new with this telephone is the new MicroSD card space, 12-megapixel setup, and the IP68 water and dust control. Purchase this telephone for its fantastic execution of Snapdragon 820 processor. This year it has stood in the direct competition of iPhone 6S.

  1. iPhone 6S

With an assortment of some good elements, Apple again drew a huge base of clients. Although, this phone was released in September 2015, the business hit the maximum in 2016.  A power delicate touch screen, 12-megapixel back and front confronting cameras, Apple’s a9 chip are considerably more accounted in the new iPhone 6S. With the smooth touch and the engaging application named Siri, this one can be said to be the telephone of the year. According to the Samsung phone repair Mississauga suppliers, the next model is soon going to hit the market with expectations set very high.


  1. Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus is nowhere a direct competition to Samsung and iPhone, its affordable cost for a faultless working makes it a prime alternative for cell phone this year. With the Snapdragon 810 octa-center processor, it even has a 12.3-megapixel camera.

  1. LG G5

For the individuals who want to explore something new, the LG G5 is the ideal pick. To be particular, this is a phone that falls under your pocket and you even don’t have to think twice about it. The customization permits evacuating the battery and including new ones. You can even add extra camera equipment into these 5.3 inches with Snapdragon 820 Processor.

  1. HTC 10

HTC 104 is the best Smartphone of the HTC series. The key components of the phone remain Snapdragon 820 processor, removable card space, 4GB RAM, and 12-megapixel. From the flawless representation of the efficient functioning, this purchase is the best you can do this year.

This was the top picks from Samsung phone repair Mississauga suppliers. Experience this phone and let us know how it went on.

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